It’s finally here - my debut album!! I'm over the top happy and proud to share my music with the rest of the world! Thanks to all of you who helped me make this happen - I could’ve never done it without all of you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m truly thankful for the incredible musicians that make my music sound and for everyone who supports crazy me and the music I make. 

I spent one year in the most inspiring place there is to me - New York City. Life there is crazy and beautiful, it’s heartbreaking and healing, it’s cruel and wonderful - I’ve never been as poor and as rich at the same time.

I‘ve met the most incredible musicians and nothing has ever made me more happy than playing my music with them. After walking around for hours in the East Village on a sunny Sunday afternoon, handing out demos of our music, I got my first gig in the city. From then on everything else somehow just happened like things happen in New York…on their own...and then I had this dream of making my first record. I have to say - writing the music was an easy thing to do. There was nothing, that I loved more, than to sit down at a piano and put into music all the things I couldn’t say out loud. 

I can’t count the hours though I spent arranging my music, rearrange it and then rearrange it again, making music charts, writing lyrics, organizing charts on the floor up in the heights in our apartment, lying on the floor up in the heights in our apartment in despair, thinking what’s the sense behind all of that and then having the most lovely friend and roommate who reminds you of why you’re doing what you’re doing. 

This has been my wildest dream coming true! Throughout one year me and my band played gigs and developed arrangements together which led us finally to 10 songs of mine that we were ready to record. I‘m so lucky to have worked with amazingly talented musicians: the most unique and brillant Connor Parks on drums, solid as a rock - Devon Gillingham on bass, wonderful and marvelous - Danielle Friedman on piano, an outstanding player on his instrument - Eran Sabo on guitar and one of his kind - Yotam Ben Or on the harmonica, playing his melodies right into your heart. 

I hope to meet you all soon at a concert of ours and share my music live with you. 

Love to all of you