Born and raised in Cologne, Germany, Uta started playing piano and violin at the age of five. Brought up listening to and performing mainly the music of Bach, Mozart and Beethoven Uta at first earned her master degree in Music Education at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Leipzig, Germany. During her studies she spent 6 months in Sevilla, Spain at the Conservatorio Superior de Musica, before she finally persued her wish to study jazz at the Conservatorium Maastricht, Netherlands with german jazz singer Sabine Kühlich. She was awarded a scholarship for one year by the prestigious New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York where she completed her education and met the musicians with whom she recorded her first full lenghth album Windward. She studied with world famous musicians such as Kirk Nurock, Becca Stevens, Reggie Workman, Sheila Jordan and many more.
„Music is really the only thing that has always and will always make sense to me, despite all the craziness life has to offer“, Uta says when one asks her about her passion for music.

„Uta is an inspiring artist with an unmistakably intuitive gift. Her poetic writing and her turns of phrase are so deft and graceful that one senses the presence of a very old soul. There is searching honesty and indefatigable need to express it.“ This says composer and pianist Kirk Nurock about Uta Habbig who is not only a unique vocalist and composer, but also an extraordinary lyricist.
Exploring the wide musical landscape of jazz, she transforms any song into her very own musical work of art. With her endearing and colorful sound the multi-talented singer has intrigued audiences all over Europe which ultimately brought her to the melting pot of Jazz - New York City. Combining elements of jazz, classical and folk music Uta has surrounded herself with outstanding musicians from her generation to play all over the city that never sleeps.
Her debut record Windward , a collection of ten original songs and arrangements, was released in 2016. In addition to her band she collaborates with various other musicans from all over the world.
One of her latest project is a duo with New York based, Israeli born pianist Guy Mintus. The first musical encounter between the two musicians took place in New York and their musical journey together continued in Europe where the premiere of their project also took place. Their original music is a musical dialogue that combines lovely themes from old german folk songs and jewish melodies within the style of contemporary jazz.
Uta works as an educator for vocalists and choirs as well as leading cultural and educational projects.
She is currently living in New York City and teaches at New York University (College of Arts and Science. Her new record is planned to be released in summer 2019.